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Indonesia Wing Chun Federation is the official wing chun federation body in Indonesia. Indonesia Wing Chun Federation is registered legally with the Indonesia Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Departemen Hukum dan HAM), and is operating based on Indonesia’s philosophical foundation (Pancasila) and Indonesia Constitution (Undang-Undang Dasar 1945).

Indonesia Wing Chun Federation is created for the purpose of accommodating all wing chun communities/schools/organisations in Indonesia which are acknowledged and certified by their lineage’s official organisation.

As of 28 September 2020, Indonesia Wing Chun Federation has been officially acknowledge as Associate Partner of World Urban Campaign UN Habitat.


To unify and to spread wing chun of all lineage in Indonesia in order to bring honour and achievements for wing chun Indonesia.


  • Developing and advancing the quality and the quantity of Indonesia wing chun athletes.
  • Developing and advancing the quality of wing chun in order to advance the quality of human resource power in Indonesia.
  • Developing and advancing wing chun teaching methodology and technique according to the society’s development.
  • Creating relationships with other martial arts organisations, sport organisations, and other society clusters.
  • Creating effective and efficient relationship with Indonesia government organisations and with the government/non-government organisations of other countries.

Indonesia Wing Chun Federation is providing opportunities for all Indonesia wing chun communities/schools/organisations to be a part of Indonesia Wing Chun Federation.

For registration information and regulations, click here.

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